Share about TWILIGHT

i already know at the first time i read the Twilight books..and i start in love with *The Cullens* before i watch the movies..

Well,i want sharing about Twilight..actually i have a lot of stuff about Twilight Saga..
First, i want share Ebooks Twilight Saga with format (.pdf)
here's the link:

For the song, please grab this:
OST Twilight.mp3

i have ebook with (.lit) and u can hear like "audiobook" in this ebook.
Ebook Twilight Saga.lit

and u can download this ebook for your handphone..i use this for my N73..
it works very well..with extension (.jar)
Well, i try to find Twilight Saga with Indonesian Version..
if u have any problem with download via Ziddu, u can ask me..


  1. what is the password to the twilight saga jar file?? Thank you very much!!

  2. sorry i forgot..i'll repost with the new link..
    so you can download for free..ok..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi..Marat and Alya..
    i already upload the new link of .jar file.
    Enjoy it..

  5. Is it indonesian version?

  6. this is Alya, thanx piska! (;

  7. can u pls email me the new moon bk? at


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