Spaghetti Bolognese @ PEPeNERO

As my spain friend Arantzazu's (Arant)recommendation. Because she lived in Italy quite longer so I asked where I could find the most delicious spaghetti bolognese in jakarta ..and she said "piska, if you want to try original pasta from italy,you should try this restaurant" ,,

So,the other day I went to PEPeNERO CUCINA ITALIANA at SCBD area with my girls, and try the spaghetti bolognese in there.

If you see on menu, you will not find "spaghetti bolognese", they only put "lasagna bolognese" but you can request to replace lasagna with spaghetti to waitress and they will say "yes,we have"..yippie

Finally I can say that I can find a great spaghetti bolognese ever in's truly yummy..I asked the waitress to give me chili powder, pepper and Voila it's more delicious than before..they put many beef on my spaghetti..I love this pasta..

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